Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Headed by: Prof. James Nyangaya




The mandate of the thermodynamics sub-area is as espoused by the Department.

Future Plans

As per the Department plan.

Current Courses

The Department offers all the courses in the general thermodynamics area.  These comprise:

  • Five compulsory undergraduate thermodynamics units (thermodynamics I-V) in the Department
  • Two compulsory undergraduate units in heat transfer (heat transfer I and II) in the Department.
  • Three undergraduate optional units offered to fifth year in the Department (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Power Plants, and Internal Combustion Engines)
  • One and one third units in thermodynamics offered to undergraduates in Electrical Engineering.
  • Coursework and Project Supervision to M.Sc. and Postgraduate Diploma in Energy Management.
  • M.Sc. in Thermo-Fluids by coursework and thesis.
  • Ph.D. supervision

There is a revised undergraduate curriculum awaiting approval by Senate.

Current Academic Staffing

Four Academic members, all with Ph.D. qualification.