A solar powered grass cutter is a machine that uses rotating blades to cut grass at an even height. With increased constrain on the existing sources of energy, for example, fossil fuels and electricity there has been a need to develop machines and devices that exploit other sources of energy. One such machine is the solar powered grass cutter. The project focused on designing and fabricating a solar powered grass cutter ideal for use in the rural area. The fabricated mower was found to have a low cost as compared to other mowers available in the market as it used locally available materials. The mower was designed by use of CAD in particular the Inventor software. Upon field testing in order to investigate the performance characteristics of the fabricated mower, the field efficiency was found to be 78.58%. It was also noted that the mower handle angle of inclination was of essence, since it dictated the ease of moving the mower, therefore for one to use as minimal force as possible an angle of 60 degrees was selected for the handle.

To bridge the shortcomings of the designed mower, several recommendations were made for future designs which included; automation of the solar powered mower which will greatly cut the cost of operation, also the designed mower was found to have much weight and thus it required more force to be moved while mowing, this can be solved in the future designs if the battery is replaced with a solar panel that is able to store charge, thus making it possible to connect the motor directly to the solar panel. The final recommendation was to use a speed multiplier to increase the speed of the motor thus making it possible to use a small motor that does not draw much current from the storage hence able to use the battery for long period before recharging.

This type of mower is recommended because of it exploits renewable sources and thus ideal for rural use where sun energy is free and readily available. One of the main shortcomings of the fossil fuel powered mower is the element of environmental pollution from their exhausts which contains oxides of nitrogen and those of carbon. The designed and fabricated mower is environmental friendly since it does have the exhaust. The distinguishing design in our mower from other types of solar powered mower is that it has incorporated solar panel on the mower making it possible to charge the mower while still charging unlike other designs which have separate charging station.