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The Team Behind The Inovation

The student app allows a user to set up an account as a lecturer or a student. A student user account requires the user information of University, Course, Year of study and Name.

A profile photo is also added to make the user identifiable when pasting in the forum.

A lecturer user account requires input fields of the University, Course, Units taught and Name.

As a student you get access to lecture notes and books that your lecturer has sent by simply going to the appropriate unit of your course.

You can also get news from the lecturers in the school news section.

Important information such as Scholarships and Internships can be viewed in the Notices Section.

Once you complete a given year you edit your profile and choose the next year and the relevant units for that year will appear.

  • As a lecturer you upload handouts or notes that are relevant to the units you teach.
  • Since a lecturer can teach several units at ago, he/she adds the units that they teach in the various courses as shown in the screen shot.
  • The profile photo added is used to identify a user in the forums section and their comments.
  •  The forum has questions asked by a student and lecturer and answerable any student or lecturer
  • The forums can be added to a user’s wall for later reference
  • To access the course materials, profile or wall, one clicks a button from the top task bar for the menu items to appear in list form.
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