Advancement in technology has led to development of better road transport mechanisms, high speed vehicles with luxurious benefits e.g. comfort and entertainment, Wi-Fi etc. but safety precautions have not been exhaustively considered.  Continuing population inflation in urban areas has resulted to a significant increase in the number of road accidents, this is due to the proportional increase in vehicle density on urban roads.  Losses of human life due to accidents resulting from over-speeding, can be reduced and controlled.  Technological approaches for detecting and monitoring speed violations among drivers continue to emerge and many mechanisms are now in the development phase and validation testing stages.  Previous studies have reviewed available speed monitoring devices and working methodologies.  This project is a proposal of vehicular controlled operation on our roads.  This system will automatically check and sense zones like “School zone”, “hospital zone” or “towns” and regulate vehicle speeds according to the speed requirements of those zones.  For example, near school zone, the sign boards display “School Ahead, Drive Slowly. Once the information is received from the zones, the vehicles’ embedded control unit automatically alerts the driver, to reduce the speed according to the zone requirements, the system accords the driver few seconds to make a decision, and otherwise the vehicles’ controller unit automatically regulates the vehicle speed accordingly.  This project proposal will use advanced technologies in vehicles making them more intelligent and interactive thus able to minimize and regulate the number of traffic accidents experienced. Our desire will be made safer by incorporating safety structures such us high strength metallic plates positioned at critical points of the automobile. Extra high capacity load cells will be situated along specified points on the vehicular chassis to detect and report impact to the micro controller. In this paper, we describe a real-time online safety prototype that ensures required speed limits are maintained on our roads, accidents are reported without any time lag, careless driving techniques are monitored and drivers taken into account, ability of a vehicle to self-diagnose itself and communicate in case of any problem.  The purpose of this model is to advance system abilities to detect careless driving procedures e.g. harsh braking and over-speeding through a developed system program, penalizing offenders thus increasing chances to avoid traffic accidents where possible.  The main components of the system consist of a number of real time sensors like; speed sensors, temperature sensors, pressure detectors, route, impact sensors and a software interface with GPS and Google Maps APIs for location purposes. The proposed system will work in conjunction with most of existing systems such as safety belts to ensure increased reliability and safety measures.