High energy costs and pollution attributed to greenhouse gases from natural gas, nuclear energy, coal and oil, has led to the extensive research and developmental activities in the field of renewable energy. Some sources of renewable energy include solar energy, from the sun rays, geothermal energy from hot steam trapped underground and wind energy from free flowing wind. Windmills generate mechanical energy from the wind. This energy is used to drive machinery such as water pumps and electricity generating turbines.

In this project, the objective was to design a windmill that is affordable, of greater efficiency, improved torque characteristics and has a minimal number of parts.  We designed a vertical axis windmill that constitutes of windblades, a rotor assembly that is connected to a shaft, a connecting rod that connects the shaft to the pump rod of the pump. The type of pump used was a reciprocating pump. We took into consideration previous projects in the designing of such windmills and analyzed the disadvantages of the designs. From calculations we were able to improve on various parts of the windmill such as the blade. The design incorporated the use of bearings as opposed to gears thus making the design more efficient.

The torque output of the windmill is 134.771 Nm and this is sufficient to sustain the desired flow rate of (2.3 X 10-4) m3 per second with a maximum head of 42m, and also overcome other barriers to motion such as friction. The total cost of the entire design is estimated to be Ksh.172,000.