The process of applying technology innovation that daily occurs in life to the agricultural sector is known as agro-technology. It improves the efficiency of crop production and reduces the amount of work and time taken to plant a crop compared to traditional methods. Small scale farmers especially those specializing in grains can increase their crop production if drudgery is reduced or completely eradicated from the planting operation. The best performance of a planter can be attained through optimizing limits such as spacing inefficiencies and low seed placement by proper design and material selection for the components of the machine.

In this project, the objective was to design a manually operated seed planter that suited the needs of different types of crops, easily affordable by small scale farmers, less laborious during operation and easy to maintain. The seed planter can precisely deliver the seeds to the ground with uniform spacing between the seeds and consistent depth in the furrow. It was designed with Blender Software and comprises of adjustable handles, seed/fertilizer hopper, land wheels, adjustable furrow opener, furrow closer, seed and fertilizer metering mechanisms, shaft and the seed discharge tubes. Apart from the discharge tubes which were made of rubber, the rest of the components were designed with mild steel material.

The planter can be efficiently handled by both skilled and unskilled operators since the adjusting, operating and maintenance principles are simplified in this design.