This report was written primarily aimed at designing a simple and easy to use, hydraulic automated, multiple stabilized soil block making machine.
In the current Kenyan building industry, majority of the building blocks are either mined from fast depleting quarries or pre cast concrete blocks. These materials are expensive to use due to their high production and transport costs, environmental degradation and the ever rising demand for modern housing. The project was aimed at providing innovative solutions to these problems as well as improving the industrial sector in the country.

To start the design proposal, extensive research on existing hydraulic press working principals, materials used, automation mechanisms, design weaknesses and the design theories was studied. These provided the necessary information on how to simplify our design without compromising on performance, improve production in comparison to the existing machinery in the local market and make it safe and easy to use.

Design calculations based on theoretical formulae from the theory of machines was done on the major components of the machine which include: the hydraulic cylinder with a design bore size of 152.4mm, a hydraulic cylinder thickness with a minimum value of 7mm and a maximum value of 13mm, the piston rod with a design diameter of 95.4mm, a maximum working speed of 62 seconds per cycle, press stand plates of design thickness 15mm and press plates supports of design thickness 5mm.
The design values were compared to standard material specifications of BS150, AISI and ANSI for low carbon steels. The frame was a SHS of dimensions 3.5” by 3.5” by 0.15”.

A computer module model (Solid Works 2017) was designed and generated using the above standard specifications to actualize the values. A discussion based on the values and model was done and conclude the design to be simple, easy to use, safe and well suited to the current technology in the Kenyan market. The model was compared to existing machines from Makiga Engineering Limited (a pioneering company in the manufacture of such equipment) and a conclusion arrived that the model was superior in design and performance.
Other leading hydraulic SEB making machine manufacturers like Hydraform and Kickstart have similar machines with the same technology but are at a significantly higher cost making our machine relevant and favorable.