In any profit making venture including various manufacturing plants, constant research is always done on different ways of lowering production costs and increasing turnover. Narrowing down to plants that operate in explosive atmospheres such us oil and chemical industries, huge investment on protecting motors from explosion as constantly been experienced. This includes housing the explosive motors in explosive proof equipment that is always very expensive. Others have opted for a different means to protect their motors that involves purging out the explosive gases from motor housing before energizing the motor. This is because the process has proven to be cheaper compared to explosive prove enclosures among other advantages. However, research is being done on ways to improve the process of purging an explosive motor as part of reducing production costs in manufacturing plants with explosive atmospheres.

In this study we researched on ways to optimize the process of purging using numerical method to get optimal nozzle shapes at the inlet of the purging enclosure.

We used Salome programming language to create geometry of the purging enclosure and meshed it into small cells. Finally we used another program known as open FOAM which is the solver to optimize the nozzle shapes of the enclosure through simulation.

In the results the nozzles that required minimum pressure drop to purge an explosive motor among other favorable parameters was settled on as the best and most appropriate model to be applied in manufacturing plants.