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Tue, 2018-07-24 15:21

It is every fifth-year’s dream to finish school, have a rest from all the pressure of studying and need to pass examinations. The case was not an exception for the class of 2018 and the culture of the annual gala dinner was to be upheld. This year, it was held at the Crown Plaza, UpperHill Nairobi on 13thJuly 2018, the day of the final paper of the Mechanical Engineering class. It was scheduled to start at 7 pm to late night. Much like the previous dinners, the event was meant for the students to unwind, relax and be glad to have completed the daunting task that they had set out for five years ago. However, the primary purpose for the event was to initiation. Initiation in to the world out here where ‘life’ as it is put is expected to begin. Aside from the fun they had anticipated to have, the dinner incorporated invited representatives from relevant industries, lecturers and staff members who had been interacting with the students for the entire five, well, more than five years to be precise. These invited guests were the tools for the delivery of the main purpose of the event.

When students finish their courses in universities, the next step is rather obvious – to look for employment. However, the guests pointed out that not everyone should pursue employment as is the convention. There was insistence on being self-employed where those in the capacity to do so would become employers to even the scales of the industry and not just flood the already existing ones. Furthermore, the option of furthering studies was suggested and more so that teaching was also a noble profession. Lecturers emotionally expressed their joy in seeing the products of their efforts and mentioned that it was such a satisfying feeling to see the transformation of the students.

The night was filled with joy and sharing of the experiences of campus life especially the highlights thereof. Some representative students expressed the hard times in campus, the most intriguing moments and the best of their moments. To add on that, alumni who were present had the opportunity to share their moments in campus as well. They also took the time to give their experiences of the immediate life after campus and the way forward for the just recent students.

It then went up to the most important session of the day where long life experiences were heard from those in the industry. One of the pivotal messages to take home was to learn the culture of saving, that for whatever amount of income and the hardships in life, saving was never to stop because of the benefits to be ripped off in time. Industrial representatives emphasized on the need to get and have experience before settling on the job that best fits the students. Above all, registering as engineers could not be emphasized enough. It was pointed out that less than one percent of all the students that have graduated in all engineering fields combined since the 90’s are registered as engineers. The process is time consuming and frustrating but it was advised to go through it and be registered by the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK).

The event ended in thanks giving from all the groups represented, the students, the lecturers, the members of staff, alumni and industrial representatives. Students had the opportunity to bid each other goodbye and take photos for memorial purposes. It was a sad moment for a while with the realization that it was perhaps the last time that they were going to see each other but the joy was even the more because they had the opportunity to be friends for the period of their studies.

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