5th Years 2019 Career Talk
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Final Year Students Final Wednesday Talk Organized by Prof. Stephen M. Mutuli

“The 13 Golden Rules of Life Beyond the 1st Degree”

On Wednesday 27 th 2019 the fifth year Mechanical Engineering students were privileged to have an enlightening talk with Graduate Engineer Martin Kariuki where he shared his 13 rules of life after your first degree. The meeting was one of the many talks organized by Prof. Stephen M.Mutuli, whose passion is in seeing Engineering students rise to areas of management and decision making in the Government and Private Sector rather than being used as tools, not seen, yet keep systems running.
Taking the rules from the 13 th to the first (brace yourself!):
13. GOD, takes care of the unknown, need not fear as you pursue your dreams, after all
nobody will come out of this world alive.
12. Need to work quietly and let your results shout i.e. do not be the person showing all your cards at the table.
11. Say no to Comfort Zones: academic background, financial muscle, cliques, relationships, material possessions, public image, etc. growth and progress in all areas of your life is necessary.
9. Respect everyone.
8. Financial literacy, is important (personal /professional)
7. Need to constantly build your career while still young (There’s no need to wait for a
scholarship to advance your studies- start, finances eventually get sorted (Back to rule
6. Need to have a mentor.
5. Nobody will give you a job-Need to look for it and prepare adequately to conquer
4. Be Open Minded- look at the world with a flexible mind
3. Learn from your environment: where your going there’s politics and politricks need to
learn how to navigate through your surroundings, “Asiyefunzwa na mamaye,
hufunzwa na ulimwengu.”
2. Maintain a strong character-nobody should put you down
1. Your first job may not turn out to be what you had anticipated.

Reported By: Brenda K. Kimathi a final year student.


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