Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Consultancies
Title:Practical Laboratory Tests for Moi University
Lead Researcher:Prof S.M. Mutuli
Title:Practical Laboratory Tests for Multimedia University College
Lead Researcher:Prof. S.M. Mutuli
Title:Evaluation of Narrow Body Docks And Wide Body Docks at Hangar 2 at Kenya Airways (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi’)
Lead Researcher:Prof. Frank Oduori & Mr. Mutiso Mwaka
Title:Development of Standards for the Small Hydropower Stations in Kenya
Lead Researcher:Dr. Alex Aganda, Dr. George Nyangasi & Eng. Mutiso Mwaka, Prof, Moses Oduori

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER :  Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) & University of Nairobi - Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering  
DONOR : United Nations Development Programme Kenya (UNDP)  

In this report, a survey of five selected small hydro power (SHP) schemes (< 10MW) is
presented. The purpose of the survey was to establish the status of existing SHP as an input in the development of standards. Three community based schemes Kabiru, Unilever Tea company hydropower scheme and Wanjii generating station run by KenGen were surveyed. A Technical Commitee has been constituted to develop Kenyan Standards for Pico Micro-hydro & small hydro stations.


Title:Small Scale Water Extraction in Arid & Semi arid lands using Wind Power
Lead Researcher:Eng. MJ Mwaka, Prof. FM Luti, Prof. MF Oduori, Mr. J Maina, Mr. Kilele