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Dear All,


This email serves as a reminder that the following services are still available to faculty, students and staff within the KENET university community. 


1. Student Laptop Ownership Program (https://slpp.kenet.or.ke ).


The University of Nairobi has signed an agreement with the Kenya Education Network (KENET) to facilitate students and staff to own laptops through the Student Laptop Ownership Program (SLPP). The SLPP program aims to increase laptop ownership to 60% and above. One of the advantages of SLPP is that the prices are fixed in Kenya Shillings for 24 months, the depreciation notwithstanding.


For more information and to acquire a laptop through the SLPP program, visit https://slpp.kenet.or.ke 


KENET is also facilitating installation of Microsoft Windows 10 licenses for up to 250,000 laptops as well as end-point security for all the laptops. The two years’ framework agreement expires in December 2023. More information on this can be obtained from the SLPP portal.


This is therefore to call on students wishing to own a laptop to consider applying for the same through the 'Student Laptop Ownership Program'


2. Discounted Safaricom data bundles with EduVPN - https://www.kenet.or.ke/content/kenet-launches-discounted-bundles-promote-e-learning 


KENET negotiated discounted bundles from Safaricom in 2020 - KES 500 per 10 GB monthly data bundles. Mobile numbers need to be registered using institutional e-mail addresses at the registration portal. The bundles are to be used to access whitelisted educational websites, including YouTube. One of the portals whitelisted is EduVPN that allows users to securely connect directly to KENET network and then access unlimited websites as if the user was on their campus. EduVPN is available to those with eduroam credentials! 


This service is still available to the KENET community.

For more information, visit: https://www.kenet.or.ke/content/kenet-launches-discounted-bundles-promote-e-learning 


3. Remote teaching and collaboration platform based on BigBlueButton with Moodle Integration  (https://conference.ke ). 


This was one of the first services KENET scaled up during COVID-19 pandemic as a remote teaching platform and for remote working. At the peak in 2021, the platform was supporting up to 10,000 concurrent users. A survey done in 2021 indicated that 34 universities used it as a primary remote teaching platform.

For more information, contact EdTech services lead Mrs. Joy Otuya Oyim or call KENET support on 0732-150500.


Kind regards,



Paul Kariuki

Director - ICT 

website: ict.uonbi.ac.ke