In its endeavors to achieve its vision of being a premier International African Center of Excellence in pursuit of knowledge generation, preservation, dissemination and application in Science and Technology, the department of mechanical and manufacturing engineering has made several key achievements. Some of these achievements are

Development of a new curriculum for BSc. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The University of Nairobi Senate approved the new revised curriculum for Bachelors of Science in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Here is the link to the new approved curriculum

Solution to pollution of rivers by toxic industrial effluents. 

Local innovations on Industrial Wastewater Treatment/ Scarce & Toxic Minerals Recovery can ignite the hope of addressing the consequences of climate change, protection and regeneration of nature by preserving natural resources for future generations.

A team of researchers, with the mentorship and immense support of their supervisors; Dr. Thomas Mbuya Ochuku (Senior Lecturer and Chairman, Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nairobi) and Prof. John Gathenya (JKUAT), came up with a localized solution concept by designing nano-composite materials with the ability of removing Chromium and other toxic pollutants from the industrial effluents, thus ensuring safely discharge of industrial wastewater into the environment, and at the same time recovering these minerals that are of immense value to the industry, especially leather, steel, textile and paint manufacturing industries. 

This led to the team winning two competitive awards; Most promising idea of the Grundfos Challenge and most importantly, the IWA World Water Congress 2022 Scholarship at the DTU-initiative Next Generation Water Action.

UoN @ 50 Awards

As part of the UoN @ 50 celebration, the University of Nairobi recognized contributions made by members of staff from the department.

Staff members recognized for their past and present contribution towards achievement of overall university's goals were

1. Dr. Thomas M. Ochuku                   - Recognized for Exceptional Linkages and Contributions to Research Funding

2. Prof. George O. Rading

3. Dr. Richard Kimilu                           - Recognized for Ensuring Credibility of Exams in the department of mechanical engineering

4. Dr. Hussein H. Jama                      - Recognized for outstanding contribution to UoN community as the pioneer coordinator of the petroleum engineering program 

5. Mr. Joseph King'ori                         - Recognized for Exceptional Technical Expertise in the Nyayo Pioneer Car and Machine shop and Foundry Section 

Response to Covid - 19

The covid-19 pandemic has created a spike in the demand for oxygen locally and at the global level which has in turn led to a sustained shortage of oxygen. Most local hospitals do not have piped oxygen and have limited oxygen concentrators. This led to the establishment of a team, led by a faculty member of the department Prof. Madara Ogot, who is also the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research Innovations and Enterprise and Dr. Richard Ayah, Director of Science and Technology Park and also faculty member of school of Public Health.

The team was funded by the Open Initiative for East Africa and tasked with designing, prototyping and certification of oxygen concentrators. the project is currently on-going. Watch full video