1. Who we are?

The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is the home of cutting edge training in the
diverse arena of mechanical engineers. The department embodies technical capabilities and facilities that
enable both skills development and innovative enterprise in our discipline.

2. What do we do?

We seek to develop highly skilled mechanical and manufacturing engineers to serve the East African region
and beyond. The acquired skill sets enable our graduands to contribute to the engineering design space and
the manufacturing sector in our region.
We also work with a select number of candidates to develop and enhance research capability in this region.
These trainees are exposed to combinations of advanced science and its application to research and
development, plus creative discourse that hones their ability towards critical thinking geared to advancing

3. Our strengths

Our human capital comprises of highly experienced lecturers and professors supported by a team of creative
technicians. Our facilities are equipped with a wide variety of testing equipment plus a minimalist set of
production and fabrication equipment.

4. Our successes

The department has trained over 2700 engineers since its inception in the late 1950’s as part of the
University of London, many who have proven themselves in Kenya and beyond. Our department boasts of
many distinguished alumni have themselves in the areas of engineering, industry, business, banking and

5. Our vision

We seek to train the next generation of global sighted engineers with a mastery of engineering skills to
enable them advance technology in the areas of manufacturing, structures, materials, energy systems, and
intelligent controls. We seek to take a leadership position in the empowerment of the engineering community
to serve our region.