The Kenya Space Agency (KSA) has announced the winner of the Kenya Space Agency research grant for the FY 2021/2022. This award stems from the research chair programme. KSA set aside Ksh 10 million (USD 89,245) for the award of Research Chairs (RC) for FY 2021/2022. The RCs were for 3U Nanosatellite Model Development, Land Cover Data Collection Application Development and Small-scale Crop Mapping Application using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML).

Team from University of Nairobi Manufactures a Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator

Thanks to the generous support of the Open Society Initiative of East Africa, a team from the University of Nairobi Led by Prof. Madara Ogot, the DVC, Research, Production and Extension and also a faculty member of the department of mechanical and manufacturing engineering were able to develop and manufacture a medical grade oxygen concentrator. This will go along way in supporting oxygen therapy provision in low-resource settings. Watch Full Video.

Next Generation Water Action Winners 2021

Young entrepreneurs and academics from Kenya, Ghana, Korea, India, Mexico and Denmark pitched their water solutions in a unique, hybrid setting. Over 90 Students, 2 Foundations, 24 Companies, 21 Universities, 11 Start-ups, 4 Embassies, 19 Mentors and 13 Speakers participated in the DTU-initiative Next Generation Water Action, which culminated on May 18, 2021, with a successful part virtual, part physical celebration of all the startups and student teams that made it to the finals.