The broad focus of the research lab is to relate the internal structure of various materials to their mechanical properties through a mixture of experimentation and computer modelling. The principal target properties are fatigue and fracture. A secondary focus is the effect of various manufacturing processes (principally welding and casting) on the structure and hence properties. In the long run, the research outcomes are expected to shed light on those modifications of the internal structure and processing parameters that result in the optimum combination of properties.

A recent broadening of the scope has seen an emphasis on recycling of used materials to re-purpose them for other applications. The key target here is investigating the optimum conditions for the development of composite materials from waste plastics and quarry dust.


Exemplar Recent Research:

  • Effects of welding on the fatigue and fracture properties of weldable aluminium alloys (AA 6061, AA 2014, AA 7075).
  • Development of composite materials from waste plastic and granite quarry dust.
  • Isothermal sections and liqudii in the Al-Cu-Zn phase system.
  • Numerical stress characterization of thick walled cylinders under internal pressure.
  • Addition of vanadium to platinum based alloys.
  • Investigation of the C-Ni-V phase diagram
  • Multi scale modelling of metal plasticity
  • Effects of iron on the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast Al-Si alloys.


PI and Group Leader:     Prof. G.O. Rading

Group Members:             Dr. T.O. Mbuya

                                         Dr. K.D. Njoroge

                                         Mr. E.N. Akhusama

                                         Mr. J. Ngugi

                                         Mr. K. Mutonga

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