The e-Mobility Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group that focuses on developing appropriate technology for the manufacture of electric vehicle skateboards. The group engages in the study of light weight structural systems, control systems, and driveline systems, to understand the performance of these systems and to optimize them. The research seeks to develop an understanding of how elements of vehicle systems interact and how these can be optimized to provide a positive user experience in a market where the quality road infrastructure varies significantly. Additionally, the study seeks to generate knowledge and disseminate it to the engineering community with the intent of giving rise to an EV skateboard production industry in this region.

Principle Investigator:

  Eng. Dr. Kenneth D. Njoroge

Research Focus Areas

  1. Mechanics and computation
  2. Multi-scale phenomena including bridging of atomistic to continuum models
  3. Thin walled light weight structures
  4. Fatigue and impact modelling of vehicle structures
  5. Multibody systems
  6. Nonlinear dynamics


Proj Year