Service delivery i
  1. Postgraduate supervisors for Masters or doctoral degrees will give feedback to their students within two weeks after receiving a project or thesis.
  1. Staff performance appraisal shall be conducted between October and March every academic year,
  1. The Department shall maintain a healthy safe and pleasant environment.
  1. The department is an illicit drug free and a no smoking zone.
  1. All telephone calls shall be attended to within twenty seconds
  1. Routine correspondence shall be replied to within 6days from the date of receipt
  1. The Department shall not condone impropriety
  1. The Department shall be a CORRUPTION FREE zone.
  1. Clearance of students and staff shall be finalized within 7 days
  1. Timeliness shall be observed in the course of service delivery
  1. We shall endeavor to link industry and students to secure them employment and internship