The PV Energy Research Group is an interdisciplinary research initiative that works towards developing appropriate technology for the manufacture of solar PV modules and energy storage modules. The group engages in the study of the structure and phases of materials at varying length scales, to understand the relation between structure, properties and behavior of materials with potential for deployment as energy capture and storage devices. The research work seeks out materials that are amenable to fabrication using low temperature deposition techniques and seeks to develop systems for the manufacture of the devices. The group also works to draw for existing technologies and to package these technologies and optimize them for use.

Principle Investigator:

   Eng. Dr. Kenneth D. Njoroge

Research Focus Areas

  1. Thin film printing technologies
  2. Printable solar cells
  3. Solar PV plants
  4. Solid state batteries
  5. Ab-initio based multiscale modeling and simulations
Project Status
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