Degree Code:F18
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:5
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General RegulationsView Details
Module II Entry RequirementsView Details
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME 169 Ccs010 - Hiv/aids-human-immuno Deficiency Virus/acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome45View Description
FME111 Physics I45View Description
FME151 Chemistry I45View Description
FME161 Engineering Drawing I45View Description
FME171 Pure Mathematics I45View Description
FME173 Applied Mathematics I45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME112 Physics Ii45View Description
FME152 Chemistry Ii45View Description
FME165 Communication Skills45View Description
FME166 Introduction To Mechanical Engineering45View Description
FME167 Fundamentals Of Development45View Description
FME168 Elements Of Philosophy45View Description
FME172 Pure Mathematics Ii45View Description
FME174 Applied Mathematics Ii45View Description
FME182 Computer Science I45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME201 Solid And Structural Mechanics I45View Description
FME211 Mechanics Of Machines I45View Description
FME251 Material Science And Engineering I45View Description
FME261 Engineering Drawing Ii45View Description
FME271 Mathematics Iia45View Description
FME281 Computer Science Ii45View Description
FME291 Electrical Engineering45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME202 Solid And Structural Mechanics Ii45View Description
FME212 Mechanics Of Machines Ii45View Description
FME222 Thermodynamics I45View Description
FME244 Workshop Technology And Practice45View Description
FME252 Material Processing I45View Description
FME262 Engineering Drawing Iii45View Description
FME272 Mathematics Iib45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME301 Solid And Structural Mechanics Iiia45View Description
FME311 Mechanics Of Machines Iii45View Description
FME321 Thermodynamics Ii45View Description
FME331 Fluid Mechanics I45View Description
FME343 Management For Engineers45View Description
FME351 Materials Science And Engineering Ii45View Description
FME371 Mathematics Iiia45View Description
FME372 Mathematics Iiib45View Description
FME391 Electrical Engineering Ii45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME302 Soild And Structural Mechanics Iiib45View Description
FME312 Mechanics Of Machines Iv45View Description
FME322 Thermodynamics Iii45View Description
FME332 Fluid Mechanics Ii45View Description
FME344 Law For Engineers45View Description
FME352 Materials Processing Ii45View Description
FME362 Engineering Design I45View Description
Level : 4
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME411 Mechanics Of Machines V45View Description
FME431 Fluid Mechanics Iii45View Description
FME432 Fluid Mechanics Iv45View Description
FME452 Materials Science And Engineering Iii45View Description
FME471 Mathematics Iv A (statistics)45View Description
FME472 Mathematics Iv B (statistics)45View Description
FME492 Electrical Engineering Iii45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME401 Solid Mechanics I45View Description
FME421 Thermodynamics Iv45View Description
FME422 Heat Transfer I45View Description
FME441 Production Technology I45View Description
FME442 Production Technology Ii45View Description
FME461 Engineering Design Ii45View Description
FME462 Engineering Design Iii45View Description
Level : 5
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME511 Mechanics Of Machine Vi45View Description
FME531 Fluid Mechanics V45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
FME502 Solid Mechanics Ii45View Description
FME503 Elasticity And Plasticity45View Description
FME504 Experimental Stress Analysis45View Description
FME513 Mechanical Vibration45View Description
FME521 Heat Transfer Ii45View Description
FME522 Thermodynamics V45View Description
FME523 Air Conditioning And Refrigeration45View Description
FME524 Power Plants45View Description
FME525 Internal Combustion Engines45View Description
FME532 Fluid Mechanics Vi45View Description
FME533 Advanced Fluid Mechanics45View Description
FME534 Non-newtonian Fluid Mechanics45View Description
FME541 Theory Of Production Process45View Description
FME542 Machine Tool Design45View Description
FME543 Industrial Management I45View Description
FME544 Industrial Management Ii45View Description
FME545 Operations Research45View Description
FME551 Fracture Of Materials45View Description
FME552 Failure Analysis Of Enginnering Components45View Description
FME561 Engineering Project45View Description
FME581 Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacture45View Description

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